Monday, August 3, 2015

The Adjustment Phase and New Plymouth Adventures

My second month in New Zealand has been really incredible so far! I feel like I've really gotten the chance to meet so many new friends, especially the local Kiwis! Within the last week, I traveled down to the Wellington campus of Massey University for my internship. It was a really great experience to listen to the advice given in the discussion between the pre-departure students and the returning exchange students! I wish the pre-departure students all the best of luck with their travels!

Also during these past few weeks, I had the amazing opportunity to travel down to New Plymouth with some friends from my international group! I was able to see some beautiful sights of New Zealand, and I had the chance to experience staying in a hostel for my very first time! This whole experience was very worthwhile because I was able to meet people from all around the world and also gain a higher appreciation for this wonderful opportunity that I have set for myself. Check out some pictures of my adventures from New Plymouth down below!

1. The New Plymouth Wind Wand

2. Captured the view on top of Paritutu Rock...this climb was very steep, but very worthwhile.

3. This little puzzle piece had everyone stressing out during my hostel stay in New Plymouth. The point of the game was to get the top square piece all the way to the bottom by appropriately moving the puzzle pieces around. I have yet to meet anyone who has successfully completed this challenge.

4. Tasman Sea Sunset

5. While traveling down the New Plymouth Coastal Walkway, we ran into this little seal resting in the sun. He sure looked comfortable.

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